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December 6, 2022

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Customizing Operational Tactics to Improve Patient Experience in the ED

Case Studies

While the pandemic years proved demanding for hospitals and front-line clinicians, the fallout from COVID-19 and large-scale shifts in the healthcare landscape continues to challenge operational performance. Persistent staffing shortages and financial obstacles, among other roadblocks, burden hospitals and systems. At The Christ Hospital Network in Cincinnati, Ohio, the emergency medicine team persevered through a major nursing shortage as patient acuity swiftly rose. The team not only endured but also successfully executed a collaborative effort with hospital leadership to compete at a national level in operational performance and patient experience scores.

“Exceeding expectations of the patients that are served continues to be a combined goal of both the C-Suite working in collaboration with the Emergency Medicine Team. The collective efforts and vision have shown that the powerful collaboration between providers and administration has enabled the team to weather adverse conditions while improving performance and delivering the high-quality care patients need.” – Debbie Hayes, President and CEO, The Christ Hospital Network.

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