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It’s World Mental Health Day – Take Care with LiveWell WorkLife

By Megan Norman, TeamHealth Wellness Manager

TeamHealth strives to raise awareness of mental health issues and provide support for our clinicians, associates and their families every day, and especially today on World Mental Health Day. World Mental Health Day was created to bring awareness to the full spectrum of mental health issues including suicide. Every 40 seconds, someone tragically loses his or her life to suicide. TeamHealth wants to be part of the solution to help prevent suicide, and help our clinicians and associates build resiliency to achieve optimal emotional well-being.

We understand the work-life balance struggle that clinicians and non-clinical associates face and are here to assist you. Maybe you are struggling with a new schedule or covering extra shifts. Perhaps you are welcoming a new baby into your family, or maybe you’ve hit a rough spot financially, or your marriage is in a fragile state and you’re looking for ways to reconnect with your spouse. Sometimes it can just be difficult to find the time to do something for you.

Life can be wonderful and stressful at the same time. That’s why TeamHealth created LiveWell WorkLife Services to help you and your family balance work and life. A variety of services are available through LiveWell WorkLife to support TeamHealth employees, independent contractors and their families.

Counseling services

For your convenience, unlimited telephonic counseling is available 24/7. Three free in-person counseling sessions are also available if you are referred through LiveWell WorkLife Services. To get started, call 844.526.8300 and press 2 for members and 2 for counseling. LiveWell WorkLife Services will help you find a master’s level counselor that is conveniently located near you. They can also ensure they specialize in the area you would like assistance with.

You can receive three free in-person counseling sessions per issue per year, as can your children and spouse. Couples and family counseling is also available. We all understand prevention is the key to avoiding catastrophic health issues and mental health is the same way. Counseling is a great opportunity to resolve a small source of stress before it turns into a larger issue. This is a confidential resource for you and your family.

Financial and Legal Services

Telephonic financial consultations are available with a licensed Certified Public Accountant or Certified Financial Planner once per year, per issue for 60 minutes. This is a great opportunity for new clinicians to get a head start on addressing student loans and setting themselves up for financial success. If you are dealing with an unforeseen large expense, a consultation could help you get back on track. A financial expert could also help you plan for college expenses or retirement.

Online financial resources are also available to help you improve your financial wellbeing including financial calculators for mortgages, refinancing, life insurance, consolidating debt, buying a vehicle, retirement planning, family planning and college funds. A variety of articles around debt reduction, financial goal setting and avoiding identity theft are available as well.

Telephonic or in-person 30-minute legal consultations with a state-specific attorney are available once per issue, per year. You are eligible for a 25% discounted rate for ongoing representation. Online resources are available to assist with creating a will or other legal documents. You can also schedule a 30-minute telephonic or in-person mediation consultation with a qualified mediator once per issue, per year. A 25% discount is available for future services.

Convenience Services

LiveWell WorkLife Services also provides convenience services to help save you time and energy. Maintaining your home can seem like a full-time job at times. Now you can access qualified, certified specialists to fit your personal needs without wasting your time searching. Let LiveWell WorkLife Services help you find a list of housecleaning, landscaping or pest control services, a neighborhood handyman, plumber, electrician, painter, home inspector or general contractor. They can also provide you a list of child and parenting services, adult and elder services, shopping and entertainment venues, health and wellness resources, dining, recreation and pet services.

For more information, contact Megan Norman, TeamHealth Wellness Manager, with questions via email at or call 865.293.5245.

Are you a clinician passionate about mental health? Join a nationwide network of world-class clinicians, mentors and industry thought leaders all working to provide integrated behavioral and physical healthcare. TeamHealth has open opportunities for you to make an impact!