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United States Emergency Departments: Safe, Staffed and Ready to Help

By Heather Owen, MD, TeamHealth Chief Clinical Officer of Emergency Medicine

Emergency departments across the United States have experienced unprecedented challenges in navigating COVID-19. In the midst of this global pandemic, hospital emergency physicians and leaders have taken unprecedented steps to ensure that local emergency departments are safe, staffed, and ready to treat sudden or acute illnesses, injuries or symptoms. The messages to our communities is clear: don’t let your fear of contracting the virus at the hospital prevent you from getting the medical attention you need. Our nation’s emergency departments are both prepared to care for those with this novel virus as well as offering the care and attention you deserve for other illnesses and injuries.

One of the primary ways TeamHealth supports our clients is through the expertise and insights of our Performance and Innovation Consultants (PIC), an internal team of experienced, master’s-prepared operational consultants who provide insights into best practices and performance improvement solutions for hospital-based service lines. Working with hospital leaders nationwide has helped this team develop innovative, valuable insights into addressing not only operational excellence in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, but just as importantly, preparing for a return to normalcy in the post-pandemic environment.

To that end, our PIC team has developed a valuable operational assessment guide hospital leaders can use to navigate the uncertain times in which we find ourselves. From issues related to patient flow and patient safety, to recommendations on how best to communicate with your community and encourage patients to seek the care they need, this valuable guide will equip you with the tools you need to be successful now and in a future environment that continues to evolve. To view our free guide to ensuring emergency department excellence, please click here.