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How More Women are Earning Leadership Positions in Healthcare Fields

Are you a female TeamHealth physician or non-clinical leader, or do you aspire to be in a leadership role with us?

Are you looking to grow in your career, connect with other leaders, share ideas and discuss challenges? Join a growing network of nearly 600 TeamHealth clinical and non-clinical leaders who are part of the Women in Leadership group.

“The Women in Leadership program was started with the visionary leadership of a female executive, former President of Integrated Services, Barbara Blevins, and the unwavering support of our executive team,” said Nancy Nagdeman, TeamHealth Vice President, Human Resources and champion of our Women in Leadership program. ”However, the execution lies in the willingness of women to connect, lean in and take on responsibilities outside their normal roles. It truly is a member-led effort. This program continues to evolve based upon insights, feedback, and growing participation. It is exciting to be part of such a positive movement within TeamHealth!”

The group is the place to be if you are looking professional development activities and networking opportunities to connect with women leaders across the TeamHealth organization. Through this program, we are moving the needle to improve the recruitment and retention of women while promoting a community of continuous learning, encouragement and diversity in the workplace.
Join us.

Here’s how to join the TeamHealth Women in Leadership Group:

You can ask to join the TH Women in Leadership Facebook group, or e-mail us at to join. We will keep you updated on the latest news, webinars, meetings, opportunities and more.

If you know a colleague or friend at TeamHealth who would like to be part of this group, pass this information along. If you have any questions about this group, visit our Women in Leadership page website to learn about our purpose and development opportunities.

Originally posted on November 12, 2017