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Why TeamHealth?

Started by physicians, led by physicians. Join a team that encourages your input and helps you grow, every shift, every day. We truly believe clinicians are at the heart of TeamHealth—the culture, the community, the company as a whole. Here, you have the opportunity to be a part of something large, connected, and truly impactful. We care about improving healthcare, not only for our own patients, but across the country. At TeamHealth, we are committed to providing the best place for patients to receive care and clinicians to practice medicine.


At TeamHealth, our purpose is to perfect the practice of medicine, every day, in everything we do.

We are proud to be the leading physician practice in the U.S., driven by our commitment to quality and safety and supported by our world-class operating team. To improve the experience of our physicians and advanced practice clinicians, we empower clinicians to act on what they believe is right, free clinicians from distractions so they can focus on patient care, invest in learning and development to promote growth in the clinical field and foster an environment where continuous improvement is a shared priority.

Leadership Philosophy

TeamHealth’s leadership team is comprised of seasoned professionals with significant healthcare experience. Throughout our organization, we partner physicians with business professionals. This paired leadership philosophy has contributed to our growth and success while ensuring a physician-friendly environment that’s committed to advancing patient care.

Why TeamHealth? Practice Options. Career Growth. Continuing Education. Risk Management. Administrative Support. Flexible Scheduling. Personal Wellness. Commitment to Safety. Networking with Respected Peers. The list goes on.

Visit our Why TeamHealth site to view available job opportunities and find out more about how TeamHealth can help enhance your patient care.