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Skip The IT Revolving Door

By Jonathan Hensley, TeamHealth IT Senior Solutions Engineer, Clinician Experience and Solutions Delivery

How to Find Your Long-Term Healthcare IT Career

How often do you see Information Technology (IT) employees stay at a company for 20 years? How about 10 years? Or even just five? Today’s environment, it seems, is such that IT talent rarely feels valued enough to stick around for more than a few years. In fact, according to the 2018 IT Career Outlook report from Spiceworks, one-third of IT employees changed jobs in 2018 alone.

What are the most common factors contributing to the revolving door of IT? Most agree it’s a combination of feeling undervalued, poor company culture, unchallenging work, lack of opportunity for promotion and pay. While no company is perfect, TeamHealth’s Enterprise IT (EIT) department works intentionally and pro-actively to mitigate these factors.

I’m currently a Senior Engineer on our Clinician Experience and Solutions Delivery team. With this being my 20th year at TeamHealth, I have seen the company and the EIT department adapt and in recent years entirely transform. While I can’t say I have always felt completely valued and challenged over the years, I can say I’ve been fortunate to work for a lot of great leaders—leaders who have trusted my skills, knowledge, judgement and my commitment to excellence. No doubt these colleagues were influential contributors to my longevity here.

Benefits of Working as a TeamHealth IT Professional

TeamHealth’s EIT leadership encourages employees to utilize our individual strengths, position ourselves for success and take ownership of our own career path. It’s this desire to see employees achieve their full potential that fuels the positive environment in which I have been able to thrive.

I look forward to coming in to work each day because I am excited about the work that awaits. From working on Zenith, our new mobile-first company-wide communication tool, to employing cutting-edge technologies like modular web personalization, robotic process automation and AI—just to name a few exciting information technology projects abound at TeamHealth.

I also look forward to coming to work every day because of the relationships I have built with those who are here alongside me putting in the hard work, both inside EIT and in our other departments. We work with TeamHealth business partners who value EIT as a trusted partner. This trust allows IT to take ownership, lead, manage and drive multi-million-dollar projects and initiatives that create real value for our clinicians.

TeamHealth’s EIT department is a fast-paced environment focusing on future-forward, transformative solutions and technologies. Lean, cross-functional teams encourage teamwork at all levels, through all projects. We are collaborative, open-minded and solution-driven. The structure is such that there is opportunity for employees at all levels to make a direct positive impact on products, solutions and the day-to-day work of our clinicians. Plus, there are many avenues for IT professionals to take on expanded roles, move into leadership and increase their departmental and company impact.

Our core values are integrity, diversity, innovation, reliability, value, humor and leadership at all levels. They are the foundation on which we build our relationships and work ethic day after day. They guide our passion and our enthusiasm and are how we celebrating each successful project, product and initiative.

I’ve shared some of the reasons I’ve been able to combat the information technology revolving door.  Now, can you see yourself at a company like this for five years? 10 years? Or, maybe even 20? I truly believe we in TeamHealth EIT are in our best days yet.

Are you looking for a challenging but fun environment to hone your skills? Are you ready to get out of the revolving door of IT and build a career? Would you like to work on projects that make a difference, at a place you can’t wait to show up to on Monday morning?

At TeamHealth, we do great work with great people and currently have IT opportunities available. Want in? Apply today!