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Share your TeamHealth Hero’s Story

At TeamHealth we have the privilege of working with heroes every day. Our colleagues are on the front lines and behind-the-scenes caring for our communities, putting patients first and innovating healthcare. We want to celebrate these exceptional people and share their amazing stories.

If you know a TeamHealth Hero, let’s give them the recognition they deserve. Share their story here, and be sure to share the story on social media using #TeamHealthHero.

TeamHealth Hero nomination from Niti Aggarwal, MD, hospitalist:

“With COVID-19 approaching, our fearless leader, Anish Khanna, MD, Facility Medical Director, Ocala Health in Ocala, Florida, made the difficult decision to funnel all patients under investigation and COVID-19 positive patients to our group in order to protect the community, preserve PPE and better partner with the Ocala Health. Dr. Khanna has worked tirelessly to ensure all our clinicians are safe, and he has gone to great lengths to supply us with adequate PPE despite obstacles. Overall, he has been instrumental and influential in the COVID-19 policies at Ocala Health. He continues to reach out several times a week with updated guidelines, schedules and support. He is an exceptional leader and a true TeamHealth hero. #teamhealthhero”

TeamHealth Hero Dr. Anish Khanna

TeamHealth Hero nomination from Kendall Broussard, Senior Clinical Recruiter:

“I would like to nominate Gail Spurlock, Credentials Specialist, as a TeamHealth Hero. She has worked tirelessly to ensure clinicians are granted disaster privileges within the New Jersey market during the COVID-19 pandemic. Because of her great work and dedication, we were able to staff our facilities with clinicians seamlessly. She ensured that TeamHealth could properly and fully treat our patients. In addition, even with additional workload, she remains a great team member. I can only imagine the additional pressure she was under to get so many clinicians credentialed, but she never missed a beat. #teamhealthhero”

TeamHealth Hero Gail Spurlock

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