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Robert Weiss, MPAS, PA-C Named 2017 EMPA of the Year

Robert Weiss, MPAS, PA-C, was honored as the Society of Emergency Medicine Physician Assistant (SEMPA) 2017 EMPA of the Year for his actions during the Las Vegas mass shooting on October 1, 2017.

Rob started his career in emergency medicine services, trained, and worked as an emergency medical technician, EMT-Intermediate and paramedic. He graduated from the University of Washington MEDEX program in August 2013. Rob received his master’s degree from A.T. Still University (ATSU) in August 2016. He returned to work in Las Vegas for TeamHealth where he is currently Advanced Practice Clinician (APC) Operations Manager for Las Vegas.

SEMPA recognized those who demonstrated exceptional service and/or leadership in emergency medicine, the emergency medicine physician assistant profession and/or the community as it relates to emergency medicine in 2017 with its annual Emergency Medicine Physician Assistant of the Year Award.

The individuals nominated for this award exemplified what it means to be in emergency medicine as a physician assistant and what we offer to our patients, our community, our profession and our practice.
Undoubtedly, Rob saved countless lives that tragic night.

“October 1, 2017 was a day of unprecedented need. Rob Weiss, through his presence at the scene of the Las Vegas shooting distinguished himself and in the process was instrumental in the preservation of numerous lives. Though no duty to act existed at all and any reasonable person would think first of their own safety, Rob rushed to protect others and risked his own life in the process. Genuine acts of altruism are sadly rare but Rob served as a shining example of what is best in humans. He used his skills to care for those in the greatest of need with his only regard for self being the care and protection of his wife whom he shielded with his body. His actions elevate us all from an event that threatened to drag us into despair. For his actions he is awarded the highest honor available within our group.” – Dr. Robert Frantz President, West Group

Watch our video about Robert and his colleagues’ life-saving efforts that fateful night.

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