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Recognizing National Healthcare Recruiter Recognition Day

By Lisa Barto, TeamHealth Clinical Recruiting Director, Southeast Group, and National Recruiting Strategist, Hospitalist Services, and Alison Cooper, TeamHealth Clinical Recruitment Manager, West Group

At TeamHealth, we work with the most talented recruiters in the healthcare industry. In fact, we both started at TeamHealth as recruiters ourselves, so we can fully appreciate the effort and passion they pour into their work.

Recruiters source and hire the most talented clinicians whose core values align to TeamHealth’s dedication to clinical quality and patient safety.

Perfect placement

Recruiters take great care to ensure they not only identify the best clinicians but also the best position for the clinician. TeamHealth recruiters have great relationships with clinical leaders, know where clinicians are most needed within the company and understand the dynamics of different teams.

Skilled recruiters listen closely to candidates’ professional and personal goals and match them appropriately to the program most aligned with their interests. They get to know the clinician to understand how to best use their expertise to serve them. TeamHealth recruiters also recognize that clinicians are busy, so they prioritize clear and timely communication.


Recruiting is a cycle – from initiating the relationship, to building and maintaining it. A recruiter’s job is not finished when a candidate is successfully hired into the right program. An effective recruiter maintains contact long after a candidate’s placement.

TeamHealth recruiters are committed to supporting and encouraging clinicians as well as advocating for them.

Thank you, recruiters

Today on National Healthcare Recruiter Recognition Day, we recognize TeamHealth recruiters for your vital work and selfless dedication. During this challenging time, we thank you for initiating wellbeing checks for our healthcare professionals to support them while fighting COVID-19 on the front lines.

Thank you for the passion you exhibit every day, and thank you for positively impacting the lives of each patient seen by the clinicians whom you have recruited. #NHRRD2020 #recruiting #recruiters

Clinicians, submit your CV to start working with a recruiter. See how they can help you.