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TeamHealth celebrates National CRNA Week

Join us to celebrate National CRNA Week, an annual recognition sponsored by the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists. More than 57,000 CRNAs deliver anesthesia care to millions of patients across our country each year. We want to personally recognize the more than 1,000 CRNAs that are part of our TeamHealth family.

TeamHealth CRNAs are a key component of our Anesthesiology team and provide excellent and compassionate care to patients every day. We greatly appreciate our chief anesthetists who help lead our clinical teams — like Nicole Hubbard, chief CRNA at Tampa General Hospital. She leads a team of about 160 CRNAs. She also serves as a member of the TeamHealth Advanced Practice Clinician Council and TeamHealth National Clinical Operations team, and she is the co-chair of the TeamHealth Women in Leadership Regional Ambassador Program.


As a child, Nicole enjoyed exploring and science. She brings that same sense of discovery to her work as an adult. She loves that every day of work is different with new patients and a variety of operating room teams.

“In anesthesia there are a lot of different medications you can use, different modalities and ways to do things,” Nicole explained. “As CRNAs, we have that autonomy to make our own decisions to take care of our patients. We’re there every step of the way.”

Nicole combines her leadership abilities, her passion for medicine and her desire to serve her community into her work.

“Eighteen years later, I’m still in the same practice, still loving the same people and just really do love my job,” she said.

CRNA teamwork

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented unique challenges for clinical leaders and teams.

“The pandemic has been tough on everybody, no matter where you work in medicine or what type of frontline healthcare worker, everyone is feeling the stress,” Nicole said. “The silver lining would be that the pandemic has really displayed teamwork in our group.”

Nicole and TeamHealth have supported the emotional well-being, health and safety of her team. And, the team has drawn closely together to support patients.

“In Tampa we were able to watch what was going on in New York, New Jersey and Europe and learn quickly,” she said. “We knew we had to pivot and make some changes in order to conserve PPE. So because of that, we set up COVID-19 airway rooms. What that means is that all the patients in the operating room were intubated and extubated in these rooms. So the breathing tube was put in and taken out there. The reason for that was the CRNAs in those rooms were wearing full PPE. It conserved PPE in operating rooms, and it also kept our staff safe. And, it kept the operating room staff safe.”

During the first day the team rolled out the COVID-19 airway room process, Nicole captured a photo of a moment that has become an iconic depiction of how the team has drawn together. Ben and Mindy Cayer are a husband-wife duo that have worked with Nicole for 13 years at Tampa General Hospital. At the beginning of the pandemic, they were some of the first team members to volunteer for the COVID-19 airway rooms.

Husband-wife CRNAs embracing in full PPE

“Ben and Mindy were actually in operating rooms beside one another,” she explained. “As chief, I had helped develop the COVID-19 airway room plan, so I was facilitating. I caught this amazing moment between them. They had been fighting on the way to work over some dirty dishes in the sink – something so small and not important in the big scheme of things. They realized ‘we’re risking our lives.’ And I captured them embracing. It is really amazing to see two CRNAs, two frontline healthcare workers, spread a message of hope, love and compassion. I think that no matter where you are and what type of medical profession you are in, we’re all in this together as frontline healthcare workers. The picture really displays an image of being stronger together.”

Stronger together – Recognizing CRNAs during the pandemic

This week is special every year as we celebrate the profession and the vital role CRNAs play on our healthcare teams, but this year is even more special. CRNAs have demonstrated dedication throughout the pandemic. According to a report from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, CRNAs are among the top 20 non-telehealth specialties that were most utilized from March 2020 to June 2020 during the COVID-19 public health emergency.

Thank you, CRNAs

We recognize CRNAs for your expertise and your dedication to your patients, colleagues and communities.

If you are interested in exploring TeamHealth CRNA job opportunities nationwide, click here. Join a team that supports you and recognizes the excellent patient care you provide.