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Mother’s Day: Take Care During COVID-19 Pandemic

By Heather Owen, MD, FACEP, TeamHealth Chief Clinical Officer, Emergency Medicine, Co-Chair, Clinician Resiliency Core Group

This Mother’s Day as I reflect on these past few months, they have certainly been trying times for all. As clinicians, we have felt overwhelming responsibility and a sense of duty to care for our patients in the most challenging situations. It is this very dedication that has taken many of us away from our children and our own mothers to keep them healthy. If your life is anything like mine right now, your responsibilities continue to mount (insert homeschooling 4 children) and your to-do list seems never-ending. Inevitably, this leads to a sense of inadequacy and frustration. This weekend is a perfect opportunity to put all of that aside. We give so much of ourselves to work, friends in need and elderly parents that there is little left for our own families, much less ourselves.

Doctor. Wife. Daughter. Sister. Friend. Caretaker. Mother.

The list goes on and on. What is on your list? How do you prioritize them?

Today, I challenge you to take a few minutes to yourself. Simply celebrate you. Take all those hats that you wear, and reorganize them. Maybe you will make “Mother” your priority for the day or “Daughter.” Let it be your focus and celebrate you. You are wonderful, you are fabulous, and you are enough.

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