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Medical Coders: Making a Difference Behind the Scenes

National Medical Coder Day is a celebration of the hard work and dedication of medical coders, who are vital to the healthcare industry. Two inspiring stories that exemplify this dedication are those of Racheal Lloyd and Holly Rowe.

Racheal’s Story: A Focus on Training and Education

Racheal Lloyd is the coding manager overseeing hospital specialty services, clinic, and appeals. Her career journey began with a bachelor’s degree in animal science and work as a lead licensed veterinary technician at an emergency clinic. However, unhappy with night shifts, she sought a career change that aligned with her passion for the medical field and desire to help others without direct patient care. That’s when she discovered the medical coding program at the University of Tennessee, thanks to her sister-in-law. Racheal worked diligently, even on her days off, and became a certified coder.

Joining TeamHealth in 2016 as a medical coder, she had ambitions to advance within the company. In 2019, she became a trainer, imparting knowledge of TeamHealth’s policies and coding guidelines to new associates. She played a pivotal role in training the first coder for TeamHealth’s hospital specialty services (HSS). Recognizing her skills, Racheal was promoted to manager in 2022, contributing to the growth of the HSS coding department, which now boasts 12 coders. Today, she values her training background and appreciates TeamHealth’s commitment to providing continuing education resources to her and her team.

Holly’s Story: The Importance of Teamwork and Technology

Holly Rowe, another exemplary medical coder, also discovered her passion for medical coding after exploring various medical fields. She started her career as an emergency medicine coder at TeamHealth in 2010, a role that allowed her to work remotely and enjoy a flexible schedule while raising her young children. Holly always envisioned a long-term career in coding, and as her children grew older, she transitioned into a leadership position in 2021.

As a supervisor, teamwork is important to Holly. She enjoys fostering a team-oriented environment and assisting her team members in achieving their goals. When TeamHealth implemented a new coding platform, she leveraged her expertise and passion to test and provide valuable feedback to improve the coding technology and process for the team.

The Positive Impact of Medical Coders

Both Racheal and Holly show that medical coding offers many opportunities to make a positive impact on the healthcare industry. Professional coders are a cornerstone of the infrastructure supporting physician practices. Their keen attention to detail, and dedication to maintaining their coding expertise in the ever-changing coding industry, allows physicians to confidently focus on their primary passion: taking care of patients.

On National Medical Coder Day, we proudly celebrate the hard work and dedication of medical coders like Racheal and Holly. Their stories serve as inspiring examples of how determination and continuous effort can lead to success in medical coding.

We recognize and appreciate all medical coders who work diligently behind the scenes to ensure accurate coding for patients and reimbursement for healthcare services. Subscribe to our blog for more stories from our associates, clinicians and the communities we serve.