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Know Your Worth

By Janice Rice, DO, Facility Medical Director at Southwest Brunswick Emergency Medical Center

This past summer, I was promoted to facility medical director for a small, freestanding emergency department at Southwest Brunswick Emergency Medical Center in Brunswick, Ohio. This gave me the opportunity to attend the Leadership Education And Development (LEAD) program, a conference held by TeamHealth for new and aspiring clinical leaders. I met so many wonderful people there. The experience was truly inspirational, and I left with some great new contacts, as well as a fire inside of me calling me to do more. Through these contacts, I was introduced to the TeamHealth marketing department.

“Yes!” I thought, “This is my opportunity!” I wanted to have my picture on a poster or a pamphlet of some sort. Imagine my surprise when our Strategic Resources Group reached out to me and asked me to write a blog post.

“A BLOG post?”  I thought, “That is crazy. I’m not sure what I’ll say, and who would ever listen to me?”  I just wanted to get a nice picture taken and I thought people would be happy with just that.

Then, I realized, that’s wrong. I’m selling myself short! I am so many things: I am a mother to two small children, a wife, a dog lover, and an athlete. I’m smart. I’m driven. I’m a woman, and I’m a physician. There is nothing more powerful than taking a step back and realizing your worth. As doctors, we have endured intense training and sacrifice that should be shared and celebrated. As physicians, we are so much bigger than a nice picture, a smaller pair of pants, or what we scored on our step-1 board exams. We are leaders in the community, in our families, and especially now, in our country. That is powerful. That is amazing. That is worthwhile.

So, the next time you think you aren’t good enough for something or someone, just stop. Take a step back and realize your worth. You have achieved and overcome so much already, and you only have more to give. Use your knowledge to educate those who are scared. Use your compassion to comfort those who are sad. Use your empathy in times of tragedy. Use your words to help us all come together.

We are NEEDED and YOU are worth everything.

Dr. Janice Rice, DO

Pictured Janice Rice, DO, Facility Medical Director at Southwest Brunswick Emergency Medical Center