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Happy EM Residents’ Appreciation Day 2019!

By Ellen Delgado, Residency Relations Specialist

The first Wednesday of each March marks the Emergency Medicine Residents’ Association’s (EMRA) annual EM Residents’ Appreciation Day, which recognizes emergency medicine residents across the country for the dedicated service they provide on a 24/7 basis as a significant and vital workforce. This will be the 19th year for EM Residents’ Appreciation Day, and the timing was selected because it is typically the first Wednesday after the annual in-training examination.

The residency relations department at TeamHealth has shown their appreciation with a recent emphasis on resident wellness and has hosted several wellness events during the past year, including spa retreats, indoor rock climbing and wellness lectures. These events allow residents to step away from the hospital and their busy schedules for some relaxation and networking with their colleagues while learning about career opportunities and meeting TeamHealth physicians and leaders in their field.

In addition to hosting events during EM Residents’ Appreciation week, the residency relations department will also host resident events following the annual ABEM In-Training exam in late February.

TeamHealth also celebrates EM residents with our annual Resident Leadership Retreats (RLR) in Tennessee. The RLR provides networking opportunities and vital information on life after residency topics, including risk management, contract negotiations and financial management. Each summer and fall, we invite senior residents to learn from the finest TeamHealth clinicians through fun activities and education lectures while offering wellness support to enhance their career development.

For more information on TeamHealth residency outreach and the RLR, please contact your residency specialist or email us at You can learn more about how TeamHealth supports residents by visiting the residency website and stay up to date with us Instagram, @teamhealthresidency and Twitter, @th_residency.

Residents – Thank you for all that you do every day and for the sacrifices you make. We appreciate YOU!