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Beyond Clinical Medicine: Effective Opioid Use Disorder Treatment Options

Opioid misuse and addiction have devastating consequences for our communities. It is a serious national crisis, and caring for patients with substance use disorder is one of the greatest challenges of any emergency clinician. In this episode of Beyond Clinical Medicine, Dr. Randal Dabbs, TeamHealth Co-Founder, President of Practice Development and Chair of the TeamHealth Substance Use Work Group, discusses effective opioid use disorder treatment options.

Dr. Dabbs dives into this important topic with a physician who has helped meet the challenge head on through the implementation of recovery coaching programs and the usage of buprenorphine in the emergency department. Dr. Brandt Williamson, TeamHealth Emergency Medicine physician at Berkeley Medical Center in Martinsburg, West Virginia, discusses the implementation of effective opioid use disorder treatment options and the positive impacts it has made in his community.

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