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A Clinician’s Perspective: Work & Life as an FMD in Georgetown, KY

We recently spoke with Dr. Scott Harrison, MBA, TeamHealth facility medical director (FMD) at Georgetown Community Hospital, about working with TeamHealth and LifePoint Health, and about the community he lives in and serves.

TeamHealth:  Tell us about the facility where you work?

Dr. Harrison:  Georgetown Community Hospital is located just a few minutes outside of Lexington, Kentucky.  We are a 15-bed Emergency Department serving approximately 25,000 patients annually, and Georgetown is the fastest growing of the top 25 largest cities in the state. Georgetown Community Hospital is a 75-bed facility owned by LifePoint Health that’s seen significant expansion of specialty services within the past few years. We have onsite Cardiology, Gastroenterology, Infectious Disease, Hematology/Oncology and Pulmonary/Critical Care just to name a few. We have single physician coverage with two Advanced Practice Clinician (APC) shifts that keep the patient flow very manageable. TeamHealth also provides Hospital Medicine services, and we function well as an integrated service line facility. The hospital administration has been an excellent partner in this rapidly changing healthcare environment.

TeamHealth: What do you enjoy most about your position as a facility medical director at TeamHealth?

Dr. Harrison:  I mostly enjoy the ability to work with outstanding leadership in administration and nursing at our facility. I have tremendous respect for our leadership who aligns our needs with the growing community and healthcare landscape. I get to lead a very talented and compassionate group of clinicians who truly make a difference in the health of our patients. I also gain invaluable knowledge and experience from some of the nation’s top healthcare leaders within TeamHealth, which I hope to bring back to Georgetown Community Hospital to continue a path of success.

TeamHealth:  Tell us about the community you serve? What do you love most about it?

Dr. Harrison:  As I mentioned earlier, the community is growing fast! This brings exciting new infrastructure and cultural amenities to a region of Kentucky most known for bourbon and horses. Georgetown sits on the edge of Lexington, which has a population of over 300,000 people. We have a phenomenal spring and fall climate, mostly because that is when the horses are running at Keeneland Racetrack. This draws people from all over the region, and in my opinion, outshines Churchill Downs in every way! We have nearby lakes where you could spend a day or the weekend and come back to work refreshed. We are geographically surrounded by larger cities like Cincinnati, Louisville, Indianapolis and Nashville, all within a reasonable drive.

TeamHealth:  Tell us about your training, educational background and professional interests.

Dr. Harrison:  I grew up in Eastern Kentucky and went to undergrad at Western Kentucky University. I attended the University of Pikeville – Kentucky College of Osteopathic Medicine and completed residency in Internal Medicine at East Tennessee State University in 2005. I started out in Hospital Medicine and shortly began moonlighting in the emergency department. I have been primarily in Emergency Medicine since 2014 and serve as facility medical director for both the emergency medicine and hospital medicine TeamHealth service lines at Georgetown Community Hospital. I completed my Physician’s Executive MBA at Auburn University in 2012, which has greatly helped with my leadership experience. This has spurred my continued interest in the business aspects of medicine in addition to patient care.

TeamHealth:  Tell us about your team at Georgetown Community Hospital. What’s the team culture or dynamic?

Dr. Harrison:  I’m very proud to say we are a family at Georgetown. As I mentioned earlier, we have single day/night physician coverage and two staggered APC shifts. We all share the different acuity levels with appropriate support. We each thrive off of one another and frequently engage in consulting dialogue when there is an interesting clinical scenario. Our specialty coverage is outstanding, and we are all on a first-name basis as a true community hospital should be. If I had to describe the culture in one word, I suppose I would have to say supportive.

TeamHealth:  What kinds of opportunities can a physician on your team expect at Georgetown and TeamHealth at large?

Dr. Harrison:  I would say the opportunity to practice emergency medicine in all its forms. We have three tertiary care centers within a 20-minute drive, which includes a trauma center at the University of Kentucky. We don’t get obvious field trauma but there are some surprises that come in private vehicles and the occasional patient that requires stabilization prior to moving on to the larger centers. I think we have a good balance of critical care mixed with low acuity, so you are not simply exhausted at the end of the shift, but still see enough variety to keep your skill set up-to-date. With TeamHealth providing continuing education opportunities as well as nurturing those interested in leadership, I think it is the perfect opportunity to practice.

TeamHealth:  When you aren’t practicing at Georgetown Community Hospital what’s your favorite place or activity in Georgetown?

Dr. Harrison:  Definitely unwinding at Country Boy Brewery, especially in nice weather with some live music. Otherwise, it is playing golf at Cherry Blossom Golf Club. You should check them out!

We have open opportunities at Georgetown Community Hospital and across the Bluegrass State! Join a team that supports you and recognizes your impact in providing excellent patient care. Not the right fit for you? TeamHealth has opportunities available nationwide!


Dr. Scott Harrison pictured with his family