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Celebrating National Women Physicians Day 2022

Each year on February 3, we join our colleagues across the country in celebrating National Women Physicians Day. February 3 is the birthday of Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell, the first woman in the United States to receive a medical degree in 1848. Today, TeamHealth recognizes women physicians for their impactful contributions to our company and the field of medicine. It is the perfect moment to highlight a practicing physician and TeamHealth Chief Coding Officer, Dr. Becky Parker.

Meet Dr. Becky Parker

Dr. Parker is an experienced and talented physician leader who joined TeamHealth in 2021. She is a practicing emergency medicine physician and an industry leader in coding; revenue cycle; advocacy; diversity, equity, and inclusion; and leadership.

“I knew from an early age, around age 12, that I wanted to be a physician,” said Dr. Parker. “The combination of science, continuous learning and the chance to help people fit me perfectly.”

This Women Physicians Day, Dr. Parker is sharing a few tips for success for women physicians in this ever-changing environment. “National Women Physicians Day is a chance to pause to remember those who came before us, celebrate those here today and embrace the women physicians of the future,” said Dr. Parker.

Dr. Parker Encourages Women Physicians to Focus on Success

As a clinician, Dr. Parker understands that it’s been a stressful and challenging few years. All physicians are feeling a push and pull in the practice environment. “We’ve all had to pivot the way we care for patients and each other, and we’ve all had to adjust how we interact in this new environment.”

For Dr. Parker, the primary key to navigating this new environment is remembering that helping and taking care of people is truly a gift and is the best job in the world. Beyond this, Dr. Parker encourages women physicians to focus on success as they evolve and grow in their careers.

  1. Determine your passion. Find a topic, explore and keep searching for your passion. “If you’re interested in wilderness medicine, go to a committee meeting. For me, this passion was coding,” said Dr. Parker. “Since 1999, I’ve been able to combine my love for coding and caring for others.”
  2. Find a mentor and a champion. A champion is not only someone to bounce ideas off of, but someone who speaks and advocates for you. “They are within your profession and speak on your behalf when they recognize an opportunity or an award that for which you should be considered.”
  3. Identify your anchors and rocks. Find people you trust to talk to and who can help guide you. Anchors don’t have to be in the same profession, but they know you, understand your core values and can give you genuine advice.

“The core of these three key concepts that I continue to use and share is to reconnect back to your passion. Find what resonates with you and connect that with your opportunities. Then, your profession becomes rewarding and fun. At the same time, find people who know you, who support you and raise their voices on your behalf. Then, you can make a difference in something you truly believe in.”

TeamHealth Women in Leadership Group

TeamHealth is dedicated to moving the needle to improve the recruitment and retention of women physicians. We promote a community of continuous learning, encouragement and diversity in the workplace.

TeamHealth’s Women in Leadership Group focuses on developing women leaders and mentees. Learn more about this growing network and our commitment to advancing women in healthcare. Follow TeamHealth social media channels and #NationalWomenPhysiciansDay or #WomenPhysiciansDay to continue the celebration. Share your stories of colleagues, friends and family who are amazing women physicians.