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Congratulations to our 2019 #CelebratingTeam Winners!

Congratulations to TeamHealth’s 2019 Celebrate our Team Contest Winners!

We strive to celebrate the hard work of our non-clinical associates every day; their efforts allow our physicians and advanced practice clinicians to focus on what matters most – delivering outstanding patient care.

Our annual Celebrate Our Team contest gives non-clinical TeamHealth associates an opportunity to share their stories about who and what makes working at TeamHealth great!

Throughout the month of June, we received more than 175 heartfelt stories celebrating what non-clinical associates love most about working at TeamHealth!

The grand-prize winner of the 2019 TeamHealth Celebrating Our Team contest is Amanda Jones!

“When is a job more than just a job? When does a welcome letter become a life-changing event? I am about to tell you. When I first applied for TeamHealth I was fresh out of college with an insurmountable amount of student debt, a 10-day old infant who was still in the NICU, a budding 3-year-old, and no job whatsoever. Our car was a hand me down that had been in the family for generations and had around 250K miles on it by the time I graduated college. It frequently broke down and we rarely had the funds to fix it but we made it work somehow.

When I first applied for TeamHealth I got a rejection email that thanked me for applying BUT due to lack of field experience they did not feel I was qualified. Desperate to feed my family and pay my bills I appealed the email and reached out directly to a member of HR at TeamHealth. I told them that I respectfully disagreed and that I knew I could be an asset to the company and a good fit for the job. I expressed my interest in TeamHealth and that I had been hoping to work for them since I was still in school. I told them of my 4.0 GPA, excellent recommendations from my professors, and my externship experience. I knew I could do the job; all I needed was the chance to prove it.

Something I said must have worked because suddenly I had a phone interview the next day! After the phone interview was over they called me in for an in-person interview. A week after that I received an email that has forever changed our lives. The email was a welcome letter informing me that I had been hired on by TeamHealth in the position of Anesthesia Coder and that I would be starting in two weeks. It also referenced the pay, which was truly life-altering as up to that point I had only ever worked in retail or customer service type minimum wage jobs. Thanks to TeamHealth I suddenly had access to things I did not before. Health insurance, Dental, Vision, and several other benefits to be able to take care of my family’s health and mine.

Truly though, the moment I realized just how much this job blessed us was when we started going from asking, “How are we going to eat this week” to saying “What do you want to eat this week? There are so many options!” We went from asking ourselves “Do we pay the electric bill and rent but not pay this bill or that bill or cut our food budget?” because we could not afford to pay all of our bills each month to saying, “What do we do with this leftover money after all the bills come out?” LIFE CHANGING.

TeamHealth has provided me with a stable career and provided my family with a home, a car, insurance, food, and security. I have developed a work-family comprised of many associates that I care about and enjoy working with each day. I look forward to employee appreciation day each year and I am ever grateful for the way that TeamHealth treats its employees and their families. It is unlike any other! Thank you TeamHealth for changing my life.”


It was incredibly tough to choose just one grand-prize winner because there were so many inspiring stories and pictures shared! Five other TeamHealth associates, Kelsey Slough, Brittanie Patterson, Kaitlin Frazier, Jake Cheafsky and Debbie Remsen were awarded one extra day of paid time off.

Our weekly winners received gifts including, Amazon Dots, a yearlong Spotify Premium subscription and a pair of Apple AirPods. Those winners include:


Amazon Dots winners: Kaitlin Frazier, Eric Milligan, Sophia Johnson-Frazier, April Swearingen, Christina Franklin, Monica McMillian, Joshua Alexander and Dominique Gill.

Yearlong Spotify Premium subscription winners: Mary Ward, Andrew Matson, Robin Wangler, Melissa Armour, Susanne Danis and Josh Booth.

Apple AirPods winners: Christine Armstrong, Jake Chafsky, Kari DeRusha and Dafne Minjares.


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Thank you to everyone who shared your story with us, and congratulations to our #CelebratingTeam winners!