Start practicing in a place that cares for you and your patients

PLAY: Offering a support role during training.

Your first years as a physician should be challenging and nurturing.

At TeamHealth, we start with you. Where do you want to work? What skills do you want to gain? Do you aspire to leadership? 

We pull out all the stops to create a supportive environment for you to enjoy your work and hone your practice. We make it real by protecting flexibility in your schedule, increasing your administrative support, and ensuring a manageable caseload. You’ll be able to learn and grow alongside the best in your field, with mentors, education and avenues for professional development that feed into your career path at TeamHealth. Put simply, we invest in our new physicians.

You’ll have all the benefits of our powerful national network with rigorous risk management to feel confident in your work. But more important, you’ll be free to focus on making your work meaningful—with the power to make the right decisions for your patients, as part of a community of clinicians who care as much as you do.

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Innovation in Emergency and Hospital Medicine

See how our practice models improve outcomes for both patients and their physicians.

Gratifying work with great benefits 

Your well-being is just as important as your patients’. Here are some of the ways we help you stay happy and practicing at your best.

Go "Beyond the Medicine"
Your growth and future are important to us, so we're offering free skills-based lectures with experienced TeamHealth physicians on how to make the most of your career.
Feel the love
We show our thanks not only with generous salaries, but also the support, tools and career growth opportunities to really shine.
Put your best foot forward
We see asking for help as a strength, not a weakness. Our Residency Relations team will get you in good shape before you apply at TeamHealth, with free resources, interview prep, and reviews of your resume. Contact
Spread your wings 
If you want more diverse experience, our Special Ops teams let you work in a number of facilities and cities based on patient need.