Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospitalist Services

Dedicated, in-house specialists serving all your women’s healthcare patients.

Helping your hospital deliver higher quality care to women.

As the first Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospitalist company in the country, TeamHealth has the experience and resources to help hospitals nationwide achieve their obstetric department’s goals and provide higher quality care for women.

Our round-the-clock, in-hospital team of OB/GYN physicians specialize in managing inpatient care with a dedicated focus on treating and surgically managing unassigned and emergent women’s health cases. Patients who present to the hospital’s emergency department or labor and delivery receive care sooner, reducing risk for mothers and babies and improving patient outcomes.

A win-win for hospitals and community providers.

TeamHealth’s OB/GYN Hospitalists are dedicated to the hospitalist specialty program full-time and have a hospital presence 24/7. Their immediate availability for patient care and consultations enhances throughput, minimizes risk for patients and providers, and creates efficiencies that allow for service line growth.

In-house specialty physicians, free community providers from ED call requirements allowing them to focus on their practices and area of clinical specialty. Our OB/GYN Hospitalists do not have local private practices, therefore they are not a competitive threat to private OB/GYN physicians and referrals still go to community providers

Our hospital's beneficial partnership with TeamHealth allowed for establishment of the OB-ED to safely care for women's emergent health issues, increased physician coverage and produced additional revenue through OB-ED services.
Rae Charos, DNP, RN Chief Nursing Officer, St. Joseph's Medical Center
Improve service and outcomes for mothers and babies
Eliminate unassigned cases and ED call requirements
Reduce risk with immediate physician availability
Increase revenue opportunities

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