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Cloud-based, metrics driven solutions keep your anesthesia program on-track, on-budget and on-target.

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A proprietary cloud-based data management platform, eOptimetrix is the foundation of our anesthesia quality program. Tracking every episode of care provided by our anesthesiology clinicians nationwide, the database encompasses more than three million episodes of anesthesiology care.

This data-rich platform enables the enhanced analysis of:

  • Clinician practice performance at individual levels
  • Clinician service and quality performance trends
  • Facility performance compared to regional and national benchmarks

The user-friendly platform is navigable through the administrative portal to:

  • Facilitate hospital and practice regulatory reporting
  • Anchor performance improvement activities
  • Drive patient safety initiatives
  • Support provider education and research

Export files electronically from the organization’s anesthesia information management system (AIMS) or collect data for submission where no AIMS exists.

Insight, expertise and support from national experts

TeamHealth’s anesthesia experts work with you and your organization to maximize your anesthesia program’s operational and financial performance.

The TeamHealth eOptimetrix Medical Quality Assurance panel includes:

  • National Vice President of Quality Improvement and Reporting
  • Regional Quality Project Coordinator for ad hoc data inquiries and quality initiatives
  • Chief Clinical Officer of Anesthesiology
  • Director of TeamHealth Anesthesia Research
  • Vice President, Performance and Innovation

The panel collaborates with key quality leaders in Medical Quality Assurance to monitor and guide quality and performance improvements that are identified as key facility initiatives

TeamHealth Patient Safety Organization (THPSO)

THPSO was officially recognized by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality in 2009, the first year of the agency’s patient safety organization-listing program. Today, the THPSO aggregates and analyzes patient safety and quality information within a federally protected environment to develop improvement recommendations shared with clinicians as feedback based on their reported information. For the anonymous submission of events, the THPSO incorporates a Safety Event Reporting System, enabling further opportunities for improvement and guidance on patient safety initiatives and educational offerings.

National Healthcare Quality Institute (NHQI), Inc.

The NHQI houses TeamHealth’s proprietary CMS-accredited Qualified Registry (QR) reporting solution that provides a platform for clinician submission of Merit-based Incentive Performance (MIPS) quality measures. The registry supports regulatory reporting for all clinicians across all TeamHealth service lines, including anesthesiology.

Solid Support from a Trusted Partner

By putting eOptimetrix to work in your organization’s anesthesia services program, you’ll gain peace-of-mind knowing we are there to help you achieve your clinical, operational and financial goals.

We offer:

  • 100% on-site clinical training of all clinicians, support staff and medical quality assurance staff who are engaged with the anesthesia quality registry to ensure ongoing compliance and optimal performance.
  • TeamHealth Institute Online web-portal ACCME* Pra 1 and AANA* Category A- and Category B-accredited clinician education for the eOptimetrix proprietary quality program, including compliance training and clinical best practice education. Training modules include: standardization of care paths, hard wiring of performance expectations with clinical decision support tools, surveillance and performance feedback to drive better patient outcomes and reduction of care variation.
  • TeamHealth Anesthesia Research Institute, a comprehensive clinical research organization that supports hospital-based and national multi-site research for pharmaceutical and device trials. It also guides clinician development of scientific abstracts and publications and assists with maintenance of certification activities.
  • Anesthesia Practice Survey administered annually to all surgeons and physicians who refer or utilize anesthesiology services. n Regulatory monitoring and advisement through annual updates and revisions to regulatory reporting.
  • End-to-end Practice Revenue Cycle Solutions for anesthesia clinicians and clients through TeamHealth’s Health Care Financial Services (HCFS). Dedicated revenue cycle professionals will help you ensure optimal revenue capture for provided care and for quality performance to prevent revenue penalties in risk-based or value-based care models.
  • Maximization of Anesthesia services revenue through:
  1. Quality reporting to avoid penalties
  2. Optimizing facility performance in episode based models
  3. Optimizing managed care performance incentive payments for hospital payers and the anesthesia practice

Propel Improvement

We offer an assortment of evidence-based tools designed to help you and your anesthesia clinicians improve the performance of the practice.

These include:

  • Patient Blood Management
  • Enhance Recovery After Surgery (ERAS)
  • Rapid HIP (Hip Integrated Pathway)
  • Perioperative Glucose Control
Dashboards and Data Reports

TeamHealth’s eOptimetrix data warehouse makes actionable information about your anesthesia program and practitioners immediately available to you. Standard quality reports and surveillance tools provide near real-time information on clinical and operational events and delivers ongoing monitoring of identified metrics. This valuable data drives best practices and helps you focus improvement initiatives using the performance outliers that will provide the most impact.

User friendly reports and dashboards include:

  • Twice-a-year Ongoing Provider Performance Evaluation (OPPE) n Quarterly practice performance reports and executive summaries
  • Executive quality and service metric dashboards
  • Focused Provider Performance Evaluations (FPPEs) that meet medical staff bylaws requirements
  • Medical Quality Assurance reports that support performance improvement initiatives
  • Root Cause Analysis (RCA) data abstractions as needed
  • Ad Hoc reports: performance improvement drill-downs compared to benchmarks, like-sized facility comparisons and confidential outlier or trending reports for your specific anesthesia program.
TeamHealth Partnership Annual Quality Program Benefit

Engaging TeamHealth as your anesthesia partner includes value-added benefits:

  • Anesthesia registry solution supported by TeamHealth Anesthesia with no additional subscription fees or licensing—unlike NSQIP or STS quality registries.
  • Lower subsidies through maximized revenue cycle management and quality reporting to avoid financial penalties associated with failure to report quality measures to a CMS-accredited MIPS qualified registry.
  • Improved performance through care path redesign and development to optimize episode-based payment models.
  • Health plan steerage and community market share enhancement through innovative care initiatives that can be marketed to patients and payers.
Count on TeamHealth eOptimetrix to Exceed Your Expectations
  • Clinical informatics technical support and data analyst to install standardized TeamHealth Anesthesia quality registry builds and data file export specifications with your facility’s enterprise EHR/AIMS solution (typically requires 10-15 hours depending on EHR vendor and system/version in use).
  • Quarterly Medical Quality Assurance review of facility core measures, patient satisfaction surveys, administrative summary and reports to ensure appropriate goal alignment of performance improvement activities.
  • Facilitation of annual Anesthesia Practice Surveys.
  • Expert guidance on Joint Commission compliance and survey preparedness, especially on education and hospital-based managed care performance incentive metrics, through online education modules, mock drills, documentation audits and walk-through rounds.
The eOptimetrix Difference

TeamHealth’s quality management program for anesthesia services encompasses the critical components necessary to achieve your business goals:

  • Proprietary hybrid cloud-based quality registry for operational and performance metric data collection and reporting
  • Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)-accredited Qualified Registry reporting solution
  • An Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ)-listed TeamHealthPatient Safety Organization (THPSO)
  • Access to and support from the TeamHealth Anesthesia Research Institute, a fully accredited and licensed clinical research organization (CRO)

Creating and sustaining a successful anesthesia program requires the expertise and insight of anesthesia specialists who have partnered with hundreds of healthcare organizations around the country. That’s why more and more hospitals are turning to TeamHealth’s eOptimetrix as their anesthesia program solution.

Outstanding perioperative patient outcomes
Efficient, cost-effective processes
Continuous quality improvement using evidence-based, data-driven decision support
Revenue optimization that reflects today's rapidly changing reimbursement environment
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