TeamHealth Value Advantage: Solving ED Staffing Challenges

TeamHealth’s Online Staffing Optimization (OSO) solution helps administrators and service-line leaders capture and analyze data in real time and improve a hospital’s financial and operational performance and its commitment to clinical quality and patient safety.

Hospital emergency departments (EDs) face daily challenges in hiring and scheduling the right number of clinicians with the appropriate skill sets needed to meet patient demand. Labor costs are the largest component of a healthcare organizations’ expense budget, and staffing affects virtually every element of ED operations. An online optimization solution that uses an intuitive analytics platform supports healthcare organizations’ efforts to ensure that the right staff are in the right place at the right time to accommodate ED patients’ needs and to maximize ED operations and throughput objectives.

TeamHealth’s OSO delivers the Real-Time, Actionable Data Needed to Cure Your ED Staffing Headaches

When you partner with TeamHealth to help you optimize staffing, you receive benefits such as:

  • Real-time data on your ED’s fluctuating volumes captured in easily interpreted user-friendly dashboards
  • Around the clock data about your staff’s skill sets, resulting in scheduling the right number of physicians, advanced practice clinicians (APCs), nurses, technicians and others with the needed skill sets – all working together to meet peak patient demand and achieve optimum team performance
  • Data interpretation at the touch of a button
  • Better staffing decisions based on a comprehensive view of ED operations, including patient arrival times and acuity levels, union requirements, boarding times, throughput times and inconsistent admitting practices
  • The ability to benchmark your key quality patient metrics against the published databases of peer facilities across the country
Evidence-Based Results and Process Improvement

TeamHealth recently deployed OSO at a hospital in the western U.S. to improve ED physicians’ productivity goals. By analyzing and implementing the OSO ED data to ensure scheduled staff had the needed skill sets, the hospital achieved improvements enabling them to increase ED physician compensation by $25 per hour.

Similarly, a four-hospital system in the southern U.S. faced staffing challenges caused by seasonal fluctuations and significant provider productivity constraints due to aggressive productivity targets. A facility medical director (FMD) used OSO to analyze his facility, and after reviewing the results of changes based on OSO recommendations, he expanded the evaluation to all the system’s EDs. Based on the OSO data and matching each hospital’s seasonal needs, the FMD optimized staffing at the four EDs by implementing three bottom-line neutral staffing models – winter, off-peak and summer. The approach smoothed staffing across all system hospitals and created optimum year-round staffing at the four hospitals.

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