What we do

At TeamHealth, our purpose is to perfect physicians’ ability to practice medicine, every day, in everything we do. Our philosophy is as simple as our goal is singular: we believe better experiences for physicians lead to better outcomes—for patients, partners, and physicians alike.

First and foremost, we have a commitment to have the very best doctors.

Dr. Lynn Massingale, FACEP

Founder and Chairman

Practices we serve 

We started in Emergency Medicine, expanded to additional hospital-based practices and also serve post-acute care and ambulatory centers. No matter the setting, our innovative service model enhances quality and efficiency. When our partners rely on us to staff multiple departments, the TeamHealth advantage shines even brighter, with patients and clinicians experiencing better continuity of care, and hospitals seeing the power of integrated performance. 

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Our teams 

Collective success is the only true measure of a job well done. We steadfastly believe doing the right thing leads to better outcomes for all, so we forge genuine relationships among our team members, the facilities where they work and the communities they serve. 

From new clinicians just starting their careers to seasoned medical directors, we’re a team in every sense of the word. To attract the best, we make sure our clinicians have manageable caseloads so they can focus on quality of care, and we offer all the bells and whistles clinicians deserve, like generous compensation, PLI coverage, incentives, career growth opportunities, flexible schedules, and free CME. 



Medical Directors 

Advanced Practice Clinicians

Better care means better business 

We create environments where physicians can practice at their best, with an equal focus on client service, cost effectiveness, and of course, exceptional quality of care - and it shows!

Where we are

Across the country and within individual communities, we support the full continuum of care. When we share our expertise across the entire spectrum of healthcare delivery, we can see gaps, connect the dots and create communication and efficiencies between physicians and facilities. And that improves patient outcomes - the bottom line we care most about.