You can feel it instantly in the way they talk about their work, and in their exacting approach to getting things right: our leaders have devoted their careers to the business of building the best organization for clinicians.

Executive Leadership
  • Executive Leadership
  • Physician Leadership

Executive Leadership

Leif M. Murphy

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • President

Michael Wiechart

  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Executive Vice President

David Jones

  • Chief Financial Officer

Lynn Massingale, MD

  • Co-Founder
  • Chairman

Jody Crane, MD

  • Chief Medical Officer

Joe Carman

  • Chief Administrative Officer

Phil McSween

  • General Counsel and Corporate Secretary
  • Executive Vice President

Kent Bristow

  • Senior Vice President, Revenue Management

Robert Fuller

  • Chief Financial Officer, Operations Finance

Mike McGregor

  • Senior Vice President, Strategic Initiatives

Jennifer Morrison

  • Chief Compliance Officer

Eric Norman

  • Chief Human Resources Officer

Tom Perrine

  • Chief Information Officer
  • Chief Information Security Officer

George Tracy

  • CEO, Ambulatory Care
  • President, Affiliated Clinical Services

Dan Wilbanks

  • Senior Vice President, Business Development

Physician Leadership

Jody Crane, MD

  • Chief Medical Officer

Ethan Bachrach, MD

  • Chief Medical Informatics Officer

James Boehlke, MD

  • Chief Medical Officer, Spectrum Healthcare Resources

Joseph Chow, MD

  • President, Ambulatory Care
  • Medical Director, AccessNurse

Michael Corvini, MD

  • President, Southeast Group

Randal Dabbs, MD

  • Co-Founder
  • President, Practice Development

Robert R. Frantz, MD

  • President, West Group

James George, MD

  • Co-Founder
  • Strategic Advisor to the President and CEO

Khadeja Haye, MD

  • National Medical Director, Obstetrics and Gynecology

David Istvan, MD

  • President, Northeast Group

Jay Mesrobian, MD

  • Chief Clinical Officer, Anesthesiology

Heather Owen, MD

  • Chief Clinical Officer, Emergency Medicine

Steve Schwartz, DO

  • Senior Executive Advisor, Integration and Leadership Development

Robert Strauss, MD

  • Chief Medical Training Officer

Stan Thompson, MD

  • Chief Clinical Officer, TeamHealth LifePoint Group

Rohit Uppal, MD

  • Chief Clinical Officer, Hospitalist Services

Neil Vining, MD

  • National Medical Director for Surgical Services

Jeffrey A. Weiss, DO

  • Senior Executive Advisor, Anesthesiology Development