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TeamHealth and Skilled Nursing News Webinar on Cardiac Programs in Post-Acute Care

December 5, 2022

Cardiac-related illnesses are among the most challenging clinical scenarios for skilled nursing facilities, requiring a close partnership with hospital systems to successfully support patients with cardiac issues. TeamHealth has nearly a decade of experience in developing and managing cardiac programs as a partnership between its community cardiologists and local health systems with a primary goal…

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Customizing Operational Tactics to Improve Patient Experience in the ED

December 6, 2022

While the pandemic years proved demanding for hospitals and front-line clinicians, the fallout from COVID-19 and large-scale shifts in the healthcare landscape continues to challenge operational performance. Persistent staffing shortages and financial obstacles, among other roadblocks, burden hospitals and systems. At a facility in Cincinnati, Ohio, the emergency medicine team persevered through a major nursing…

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The Long COVID Pathophysiology Part 2 – General Concepts

December 1, 2022

The term “Long COVID” is one of many terms with variable definitions. As with many emerging disease processes, the terms used have evolved along with our perspectives and understanding of the disease. Long COVID and other associated terms currently serve as more of an umbrella moniker for a wide range of physical and mental health…

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UnitedHealthcare owes $10 million for underpaying frontline clinicians

November 30, 2022

United loses another legal battle for prioritizing profits over patients and providers UnitedHealthcare (United), once again, has been found guilty of intentionally and systematically underpaying TeamHealth clinicians. A three-judge arbitration panel in Tampa, Florida, issued a unanimous and unappealable verdict against United, awarding $10.8 million to a TeamHealth clinician group for United’s egregious underpayments from…

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Strengthening Operational Excellence in Ambulatory Surgery Centers

December 14, 2022

The demand for outpatient surgery has increased drastically over the previous decades. Studies show that in 1995, 85% of surgeries were inpatient while 90% of outpatient surgery was performed in a hospital setting. In 2015, however, the data show 64% of surgeries were performed in outpatient settings. With the expansion of free-standing surgery centers in…

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Tips to Handle Holiday Stress

The holidays can be a stressful time to balance family, work and social engagements. As the holidays approach, you may find your stress or anxiety levels increasing. With thoughtful management, though, you may be able to better cope with the increased demands of the holidays. Here are some tips to help handle holiday stress to…