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TeamHealth Post-Acute Care

Our post-acute program is built around a team that coordinates care across skilled nursing, long-term care, nursing homes, assisted living facilities and rehabilitation facilities. We help patients at over 2,000 post-acute facilities nationwide access the diagnostic equipment, lab services, and treatment they need outside the hospital.

Our post-acute clinicians help us prevent avoidable readmissions, improve alignment between post-acute and acute facilities, and promote successful care transitions to deliver a higher standard of patient care.

As a TeamHealth post-acute care clinician, you’ve got the strength of 19,000+ colleagues behind you, with the interdisciplinary knowledge to help you see the gaps and improve each patient’s experience. With access to the shared experiences of 25M hospital visits per year through the secure, protected Patient Safety Organization, it’s as if you have support right at the bedside.

While this evidence-based approach improves performance, it also reduces your risk as an individual. Most important, it improves patient outcomes.

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