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TeamHealth Integrates OB-ED and OB Hospitalist Services

TeamHealth’s OB/GYN hospitalist program provides stable, dependable services to help your hospital deliver higher quality care to expectant mothers.

As the first OB/GYN hospitalist company in the country, we have the experience and resources to help hospitals nationwide achieve their obstetric department’s goals.

Our clinicians provide a 24/7/365 in-hospital OB/GYN provider presence that specializes in managing inpatient care. TeamHealth OB/GYN hospitalist programs are dedicated to treating and surgically managing unassigned and emergent OB/GYN patients who present to the hospital’s emergency department or labor and delivery.

St. Joseph’s Medical Center has served the health care needs of the residents of Stockton, California for more than a century. Among other areas of specialization, the hospital is recognized for women’s and children’s health. Housed in a beautiful Pavilion, the Labor and Delivery area sees nearly 3,000 births annually and the 30-bed Neonatal Intensive Care Unit provides care for high-risk infants.

As the city’s population has grown, so have the demands on St. Joseph’s obstetrical services.

Before the spike in its OB business, the leadership team at St. Joseph’s had begun implementing a strategic plan to address some of the challenges it was facing. The first step was to identify a strategic partner to provide a coverage and staffing solution for OB services. After a thoughtful search, the hospital selected TeamHealth because of its comprehensive approach to OB. In addition, TeamHealth was already partnering with St. Joseph’s so they could benefit from the added value to be derived from the integration of key clinical service lines.

An assessment by the TeamHealth OB experts revealed the need for an OB hospitalist program to meet coverage and staffing challenges and the value of establishing an OB-ED to safely care for the growing volume of pregnant women seeking care for emergent issues. The OB triage area, located adjacent to Labor and Delivery on the first floor of the Pavilion, was quickly converted into an OB-ED. The OB hospitalists seamlessly assumed responsibility for the surge of unassigned patients and patients of private obstetricians on the medical staff who sought treatment after hours or on holidays. Education and communication with obstetricians on the medical staff was critical to the speedy acceptance of the OB hospitalists and the OB-ED.

By partnering with TeamHealth’s OB services, St. Joseph’s has successfully integrated the OB hospitalists and OB-ED into its overall OB operations. Make sure to download our metrics case study for more information.

TeamHealth’s obstetrics team is knowledgeable, available and very responsive. Increased physician coverage resulting from the OB hospitalist program, establishment of the OB-ED to safely care for pregnant women’s emergent health issues and the ability to charge for services provided through the OB-ED that has produced additional revenue for the hospital are the three biggest benefits of our partnership with TeamHealth.

Rae Charos, DNP, RN, Chief Nursing Officer, St. Joseph’s Medical Center