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How a Change in Management Increased Patient Satisfaction Metrics

A central Florida regional health system was experiencing metrics issues within its two facilities. Several ownership and leadership changes in the hospitals’ hospitalist services group left the facilities with low patient and clinician satisfaction, lengths of stay well above benchmarks and problems with recruiting and retaining physicians.

In September 2017, the system brought TeamHealth aboard to assume management of the hospital medicine departments in both hospitals. TeamHealth’s first step was to install a facility medical director with a successful leadership record. With stable leadership in place, TeamHealth delivered the additional support and resources needed to improve performance.

The new facility medical director began adopting systems and processes that were more equitable for clinicians, resulting in improved physician engagement and satisfaction. The hospital medicine team also began partnering with case management and nursing to address long lengths of stay.

Click here to read our full case study with this central Florida-based multi-hospital regional health system.

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