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Telemedicine: No Longer Just for The Jetsons

by Joseph Chow, MD, President, Ambulatory Care For those who remember The Jetsons, talking to another person via a computer screen seemed so out of reach and farfetched. (For those who don’t, you can Google it). Now, I FaceTime my kids whenever I’m out of town and it’s the norm. Last month, I had the...

Just One Shift

By Joseph Chow, MD, President, Ambulatory Care Because TeamHealth clinicians are seeing patients, we all have a vested interest in making TeamHealth as reputable and healthy as possible. Consider some navigational math: if you veer by only one degree in a flight plan across the world, you will wind up more than 500 miles off...

Let’s LEAD! Part 2

Today’s blog is part two of a series with Dr. Robert Strauss, TeamHealth’s Vice President of Program Development, on what clinicians can expect when attending TeamHealth’s leadership training. TeamHealth: Dr. Strauss, thank you for sharing more information about TeamHealth’s Leadership Education And Development (LEAD) program. In Let’s LEAD: Part 1 you referred to several training...

Let’s LEAD! The Leadership Training that Makes TeamHealth Strong

Recently, we spoke with Dr. Robert Strauss, TeamHealth’s Vice President of Program Development. He has substantial responsibility for orienting and training TeamHealth clinical leaders. Beyond that, Dr. Strauss developed and conducts the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) ED Directors Academy, a four-phase curriculum to develop and coach physician leaders. Additionally, Dr. Strauss is chief...

‘Spring Cleaning’ is Crucial to Meeting UCAOA Accreditation Standards

By Joseph Chow, MD, President, Ambulatory Care Because I’m in Buffalo where we are under a winter storm warning with up to six inches of snow as of this April 18 authorship, I say “spring” with a chilled sarcasm. However, let this time of year be a reminder and prompt to start readying ourselves and...

Preparing for the Dreaded ‘Flu Season’ in Emergency Departments

By Dr. David E. Hogan DO MPH FACEP Director TeamHealth National Academic Consortium Director of Education TeamHealth West Group There’s an old adage “if you’ve seen one flu season, you’ve seen one flu season.” After years of working in the Emergency Department, most of us will attest to the truth of that saying. The data...

Doctor, do you take your own advice?

By Joseph Chow, MD, President, Ambulatory Care I recently had the pleasure of participating in a TV interview with a local affiliate. The reporter was asking about the flu and how best to prevent it, which really boils down to a question of how to stay healthy. My answer flowed easily: receive your flu shot,...