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Caring for Heart Health During COVID-19

By Susan Young, RN, Health Coach, TeamHealth Wellness   The COVID-19 pandemic has been a major focus of our health concerns for the past two years. It swiftly and unexpectedly brought more mental and physical illness and death, along with more social, work and financial restructuring than most of us have ever seen. In the...

Heart Health: A Close-To-The-Heart Scare

By Jenni Roberts, MSN, APN, ACNP-C, TeamHealth Regional Advanced Practice Clinician Director, Northeast Group, Emergency Department Nurse Practitioner On Christmas Eve 1998, I received a message from a 52-year-old male. “I keep having these ‘twinges’ in my chest when I walk to my car. I’ve only noticed this outside, so I don’t think it’s anything....

Heart Health: Strength Through Support Systems

By Olga Gonzalez, TeamHealth Provider Enrollment Representative I was diagnosed as a non-compliant diabetic with high cholesterol and high blood sugar in 2009. After that diagnosis, I experienced the common frustrations associated with watching what you eat and maintaining good physical activity levels. Almost 10 years later, after a terrifying experience, I was reminded that...