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Clinicians share their happiness

As physicians and advanced practice clinicians (APCs), you are on the front line of the COVID-19 pandemic. Read heartfelt stories of your colleagues finding happiness and reprieve in the midst of the stress. Now more than ever, we need to share happiness.

Cindi’s happiness

2020 Share Happiness Contest Winner

We are pleased to announce the 2020 Share Happiness grand-prize winner of the $500 Amazon gift card is Cindi O’Boyle, TeamHealth APC Director in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She shared that every moment with her sister brings her joy. Together, they navigated her sister’s life-altering diagnosis and treatment.

“My sister was diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer in December 2019. The COVID pandemic stripped her of her support system for seven of the nine months of her treatment, but COVID would not keep me from supporting her every step of the way. We just needed to get a bit more creative. The picture you see is of me by her ‘bedside.’ Albeit, it’s the Popeye’s parking lot across the street, but thanks to Zoom, and the power of technology, I was able to ‘never leave her side!’ My sister’s strength is beyond superhuman. No one should have to fight cancer alone, and yet she did with such grace and optimism. She will be forever a hero in my eyes and the eyes of many! I am happy to report that after nine, long months, she is CANCER FREE!!! That is HAPPINESS!!”

Three more clinicians earned prizes.

2nd Prize: Rachel Posey, Emergency Medicine Resident, Fort Worth, Texas

“As an ED resident, it’s no surprise that I love a little adventure and adrenaline. COVID-19 times have been particularly tough to go on adventures … so for my 30th birthday, a small group of friends and I traveled to 15k feet above our own city and spiraled toward the earth wearing onesie pajamas! The wind-blown smile on my face says it all!”

3rd Prize: Brian McMurray, MD, TeamHealth Physician and Associate Director of Litigation Support, Franklin, Kentucky

“Pictured with newborn 7th grandchild, Liam Edward Alden Hart – the most eyes open, attentive baby. He is now two months old. No greater joy.”

4th Prize: Nidhi Trivedi, TeamHealth Psychologist, Chicago, Illinois

“A week after the lockdown began in Illinois, my husband and I found out that we are pregnant with our first baby. While we were excited about the news, the worry of contracting coronavirus in those early days was overwhelming. In addition to my own health, I was concerned about the health of my family members and my patients in post-acute facilities.

As sad as this year has been, the pandemic forced me to live each day with a lot of mindfulness and gratitude. I have been grateful to be able to provide socialization and psychotherapy to my patients who are not allowed to see their family members due to the risk of contracting COVID. As healthcare providers, we sometimes do not have the privilege to complain, be pessimistic, and grieve for too long. While it is important to acknowledge how difficult this has been for all of us, we, the healthcare providers have to continue going to work, stay optimistic, and continue being there for our patients who need us.

Due to the risk of contracting COVID-19, I did not have the baby shower I desired, as my family does not live in the United States. My friends in Chicago, who are my family here, threw me a surprise baby shower. It was the one day in my pregnancy when I forgot about everything that has been going on and was genuinely happy about welcoming my baby girl in our lives.”

View all of the contest entries on the TeamHealth Facebook page. Thank you to everyone who shared a personal story, and congratulations to all the winners!