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How Medical Teams Helped Save Communities after Hurricane Matthew

Last year, parts of the southeast Atlantic coast braced for impact as Hurricane Matthew approached the U.S. The category five hurricane brought winds of 140 miles per hour and a storm surge that caused waters to rise to dangerously high levels in coastal cities in its path. In the wake of the storm, thousands of families were displaced and media reports indicated more than 40 U.S. residents lost their lives.

In the days surrounding the storm, the efforts of TeamHealth clinical and non-clinical teams were incredible. Clinicians and leaders across the country showed compassion, courage and sacrifice. In the midst of uncertainty, TeamHealth colleagues banded together to ensure our teams and those we serve were safe and prepared. Thank you for your remarkable efforts and your commitment to each other and your patients.

The safety and well-being of TeamHealth clinicians, non-clinical team members and the patients we serve is our priority. As Hurricane Matthew approached the Atlantic coast, an incident command center was established in Tampa, Florida in order to serve our clinicians, nonclinical teams, clients and patients.

The coordinated efforts began October 5, 2016, allowing teams to field and triage calls and emails from those affected by the storm. Through these efforts, our teams came together to help move patients to safer locations; successfully schedule, route and locate lodging for clinicians who worked shifts at hospitals and post-acute facilities during the storm; and communicate logistical information, such as office closings, to non-clinical team members. Meanwhile, our clinical teams in surrounding states were ready and willing to be deployed wherever help was needed along the coast.

TeamHealth’s LiveWell WorkLife Services provided convenience services to help associates and their families before, during and after the storm. The service includes assistance with lodging, pet boarding, flood restoration and other necessary recovery services. LiveWell WorkLife Services also offered helpful tips on evacuating yourself and your family, compiling a disaster supplies kit, returning home after a disaster and tips for recovering from disasters.

As we reflect on the magnitude of Hurricane Matthew and the destruction it caused, we want to acknowledge the incredible efforts of TeamHealth clinical and non-clinical teams. Last year, as the threat of the storm loomed, our leadership teams acted with intention and urgency to—first and foremost—ensure our clinicians and non-clinical team members were safe. Then, through careful planning, our leaders ensured that TeamHealth continued providing patients and partners with extraordinary care and service—even in the face of a natural disaster.