Post-acute Care

Quality care begins with understanding each patient’s unique needs. We’re empathetic, attentive and engaged in each patient’s experience and the individual challenges faced at every stage of transitional care.

Constant improvement on the continuum of care

Each post-acute care patient has a story, and put simply, listening well is how we build individualized patient plans for the next steps in a patient’s journey. These focused plans are then checked against the collective knowledge of 400+ post-acute care teams who share best practices, lessons learned, and evidence-based data to improve care across the board.

Individualized attention defines not only the way we treat patients in post-acute care, but also how we treat their clinicians. It’s our belief that when our clinicians feel cared for, they’re better equipped to care for your patients.

In this way, we make sure your goals of improving post-acute care and transitions of care work hand-in-hand with your goals for financial and operational efficiencies.

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Collaboration as the key to post-acute care

With us, our teams are one where collaboration and communication is not just encouraged, but celebrated, and leads to successful transitional care plans. We improve outcomes throughout the patient experience with five-star coordination of care to ensure we’re defining, measuring and achieving quality performance with tools such as innovative online reporting and instant notifications of discharged patients. These tight relationships maximize clinician hours, alleviate the stress of miscommunication and handoffs, lower readmission rates, improve the continuity for the patient, and overall raise patient satisfaction.

The numbers speak for themselves

We love talking about what we do, but when it comes to demonstrating the impact we’ve had in post-acute care, we figured some figures might be just what the doctor ordered.

  • Preventable readmissions at 48% below the national average
  • Integration programs exceed HCAHPS scores national average
  • 19,000+ clinicians in our network
  • High job satisfaction with a 92% clinician retention rate
  • Great client service with 97% client retention rate

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