Ambulatory Care

A unique blueprint for treatment and attention, tailored to the individual patient

Raising the bar in urgent and ambulatory care for over 25 years

Every ambulatory care program we design, staff, or manage is built around the local community. As we direct the process from site selection and construction to day-to-day operations, we ensure each center is a care-enhancing, brand-promoting component of your ambulatory service line.  

Drawing from 30 years’ experience in emergency department design and management, our ambulatory care practices are:
  • High-quality, integrated, and cost-effective for patients 
  • Above The Joint Commission’s highest accreditation standards 
  • State-of-the-art, with diagnostic equipment and lab services for treatment of higher acuity cases outside the hospital
  • Accurate and aggressive in coding, billing and collections to maximize revenue

All said—we’re a vital part of any healthcare systems’ continuum of care and ambulatory strategies. And since we know you face unique challenges in predicting and adapting to care requirements, we’re just as flexible in our partnership with you, offering a number of models including: 
  • Joint ventures, where we partially own and operate care centers
  • Management services agreements, including everything from facility design to staffing to management to operations to marketing to compliance
  • Consulting, including market intelligence, site selection, and pro forma financials

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Your goals are our goals

Every program we touch is custom-built for the community it serves and staffed with teams of clinicians that understand the space, the patients, and the necessity of true teamwork in creating smooth transitions and the highest standard of care. Learn how we recruit and retain the best minds in ambulatory care:
We love talking about what we do, but when it comes to demonstrating the impact we’ve had in ambulatory care, we figured some figures might be just what the doctor ordered.

  • 50+ ambulatory care centers staffed, managed, or owned nationwide
  • 500+ employers served by occupational and industrial medicine programs
  • 400,000+ annual patient encounters
  • Average length of stay under 60 minutes
  • Committed to patient satisfaction with 95% highly satisfied and 99% likely to return