The TeamHealth Lead Incentive Program (TIP) gives you the opportunity to participate in an incentive program designed to increase Physician and APC hires.

We found that our best Physicians and APCs come through internal recommendations. So, if you know of a Physician and/or APC that you feel would be a great fit for TeamHealth, we want to know about it! We’ve included some featured and leadership opportunities in all specialties across the country that are currently available and some of these opportunities have an increased TIP incentive.

Take a glance at the featured opportunities to see if you know of someone who would be a good fit and submit a TIP recommendation.

Leadership Openings

A good leader has the power to affect patient care every hour of every day

A practice can be defined by its medical director and their style of leadership. If you know of a colleague who is passionate about patient care and leading a team, take a glance at our featured leadership opportunities and refer a colleague to one of these or other sites.

Emergency Medicine Leadership Opportunities
Hospital Medicine Leadership Opportunities
OB/GYN Hospitalist Leadership Opportunities
Anesthesiology Featured Opportunities
Emergency Medicine Featured Opportunities
Hospitalist Services Featured Opportunities

If you know someone who would be a great fit for one of these opportunities or if you have a friend or colleague you’d like to recommend to TeamHealth, complete the submission form.

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Disclaimer: If the lead you submit results in a full-time hire, affiliated providers will receive a $5,000 reward for a physician hire or an experienced APC hire 30 days after he/she has worked their first shift as a full time provider. Non-clinical employees will receive a $2,000 reward for a physician hire or an experienced APC hire 30 days after he/she has worked their first shift as a full time provider. Experienced APC’s need a minimum 2 years clinical experience as an APC or completion of a 1 year post-graduate training program as defined by an accredited fellowship or residency in the specialty they are submitted. In order to receive credit, you must provide detailed information on a physician or APC that is not already working as a TeamHealth affiliated provider. If a physician or APC is submitted more than once, the first submission will be considered the lead source. The minimum term of inactivity with a lead is 6 months. Therefore, if a physician or APC is being actively recruited within the 6 month period prior to a lead, then the lead is not eligible for a reward. When a lead is submitted, eligibility is open for one year with the exception of residents. Eligible leads must have a signed, full-time contract within one year of TIP submission.

Mid-Ohio Emergency Services (“MOES”) is excluded from the TeamHealth Incentive Program (TIP) – updated as of January 28, 2018.