Employee Benefits

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Health Benefits

TeamHealth offers a robust benefits package to full-time employees. Healthcare benefits are accessible for use the first day of the month following completion of 30 days of employment.

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FSA (Flexible Spending Account)



LiveWell WorkLife Services provide our employees support with physical, emotional, financial, social and professional issues impacting their daily lives.

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Planning for the Future

TeamHealth encourages you to plan for your future by offering a comprehensive 401(k) plan and a supplemental executive retirement plan (SERP) to our full-time employees.  

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Plan Investment Options

Roth 401(k) Fact Sheet

Enrollment Guide

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Additional questions? Contact us by phone at 877.516.7492 or by email.      

Life and Disability Coverage

TeamHealth employees are covered by the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and offered both short and long-term disability options.

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Short-term disability benefits summary

Long-term disability benefits summary

Life and accident insurance


Additional questions and request submissions, please contact*:

Unum: 866.779.1054

*Spectrum Healthcare Resources, Mid-Ohio Emergency Services and IPC employees should contact Unum for Short-Term Disability requests but will continue to call their Human Resources Representative for FMLA requests.

For questions regarding your TeamHealth benefits please contact us at 877.516.7492 or benefits@teamhealth.com

Medical Benefits

United Healthcare

Phone: 1.866.675.1608

Group: #702703

United Nurse Line 1.800.401.7396



Flex Reimbursements


Phone: 1.877.924.3967


Life | Disability | FMLA | Travel


Phone: 1.800.822.9103 Unum

Short-Term Disability and FMLA Requests: 1.866.779.1054

Caremark Prescription Services  

Phone: 1.800.481.5613

Plan Code: CRK

Group Code: TEAM

Bin Number: 610029

  Issuer: 80840


LiveWell WorkLife Services

Access code: teamhealth

Phone: 844.526.8300



Charles Schwab

Phone: 1.800.724.7526

Dental Benefits

Delta Dental ofTennessee

Phone: 1.800.223.3104

Group: #4073  




Vision Benefits

EyeMed Vision Care

Customer service: 1.800.521.3605

Nearest provider: 1.877.226.1115

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