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November 9, 2021

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Honoring Our Veterans: From Active Duty to Civilian Life

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Imagine being a military veteran who has spent over a decade serving in the Air Force. After living in five states, a deployment to Saudi Arabia and three children at home, you’re wondering what life might look like after active service. These are the challenges that I faced following my separation from the Air Force in 2007 and my transition to civilian life.

When I returned from a six-month deployment to Saudi Arabia, my two-year-old didn’t immediately remember me, which was heartbreaking to say the least. After four years at the Air Force Academy and 11 years of service as an officer, I decided that another deployment wasn’t the best option for my family, so I made the decision to separate from the Air Force. When my husband retired from the Air Force in 2011, we returned with our children to his home region in East Tennessee and decided to transition back to civilian life.

Finding the Right Fit

Prior to joining TeamHealth in 2018, I joined a company that ended up being less than ideal for work-life balance, then worked as a contractor, but was looking for more support and for something more permanent. Because I ultimately decided to separate from the Air Force for my family, one of my main priorities when returning to civilian life was work-life balance. A common phrase in the military is “you recruit people but retain families,” and this is something that stuck with me as I searched for the right employment fit. I joined TeamHealth not only because I felt like it was a good fit for me, but also for the support and stability that I hadn’t experienced in previous roles. From the day I interviewed, it felt like where I wanted to be.

I’ve remained with TeamHealth for more than three years because of the mutual respect associates have for other teams. Our leadership and colleagues trust in each other’s expertise and rely on our skills and knowledge. There are ample opportunities for my voice to be heard and collaboration is a priority across the board. One of the most valuable benefits for me is the company’s emphasis on well-being, specifically work-life balance. Another aspect of TeamHealth’s culture that I value highly is the emphasis on professional development. That support allowed me to obtain my Certified Business Analysis Professional certification last year, which is something I’m really proud of. Lastly, the company acknowledges the unique needs of our diverse associates, such as veterans through specific groups, like the Veterans Resource Group

The Veterans Resource Group offers a chance for me and other veterans to build networks and provide mutual support. I’ve been involved in the group since it originated in 2019. Though I was years removed from service by the time I joined, I know if I joined TeamHealth directly after service, I could have relied much more on the targeted support from the group than I need to now. While the existence of the group creates a network of veterans who can rely on each other when needed, I’m mostly appreciative that everyone at TeamHealth, even those outside of the group, offers support to myself and other veterans within the company.

About the Veterans Resource Group

TeamHealth established the Veterans Resource Group, a focused program that not only emphasizes recruiting veterans for current and future openings, but also on retaining and honoring our current veteran employees. As part of the program, we have a mentorship program for veterans transitioning into a career with TeamHealth. We partner current veteran employees with newly onboarded vets to help ease the transition from military service to civilian employment.

To learn more about the Veterans Resource Group, please contact us.