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Residency Doesn’t Prepare You for These 7 Important Topics

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MedPage today’s – There’s no doubt physicians entering practice today leave their residency programs with a tremendous amount of medical education and training; what seems like a lifetime’s worth of knowledge crammed into just a few, intense years of instruction.

Unfortunately, all the time residents spend on rotations, lecture, journal club, and myriad other obligations leaves little opportunity for getting oriented to the more mundane, yet absolutely critical components of practice. As a result, newly minted physicians are often completely unaware of the potential pitfalls they face as an attending, from liability insurance and malpractice to understanding their own employment contracts.

As the clinical leader of a 2,000-physician emergency medicine group, I see this issue all the time, both in the young doctors recruited to the group, and in the residents who train in the community program where I’m based.

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