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June 22, 2020

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Dr. Joseph Chow Elected as the Urgent Care Association Board President

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On behalf of George Tracy, CEO, Ambulatory Care, and President, Affiliated Clinical Services:

I am pleased to announce that Dr. Joseph Chow, President, Ambulatory Care, and Medical Director for AccessNurse, has been named 2020-2021 President-Elect of the Urgent Care Association (UCA) Board, ensuring he will serve as the 2021-2022 UCA Board President.

UCA, formerly Urgent Care Association of America, is recognized as the largest, most notable trade and professional association in urgent care with more than 3,300 member centers representing urgent care clinical and business professionals from the United States and abroad. The UCA accreditation program advances an urgent care organization to the highest level of distinction in patient care through safety, quality and scope of services. UCA accreditation also assists urgent care centers and clinics stay in-network with select payers. To date, the UCA has accredited more than 1,200 urgent care centers in the United States.

As President, Dr. Chow will continue to help advance and distinguish the role of urgent care and on-demand medicine as a healthcare destination. He will lead endeavors that focus on supporting ongoing success through education, advocacy, community awareness, benchmarking and promoting standards of excellence.

Dr. Chow is a TeamHealth leader serving at the highest capacity within the UCA. The UCA Board President is a volunteer role, and we are grateful for Dr. Chow taking on this endeavor and look forward to the impact he will have on the UCA and the urgent care industry at large.