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February 2, 2021

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COVID-19 Emergency Medicine White Paper: Update and Clinician Guide to Diagnosis, Management, Disposition, Vaccines and Emotional Self-Care

COVID-19 Resources

The United States has experienced more than 25 million cases of COVID-19 infections with more than 420,000 deaths as of January 22, 2021. As we closely monitor the capacity of our nation’s healthcare system, optimism emerges as the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are administered across the country. This COVID-19 Emergency Medicine white paper from TeamHealth’s Emerging Infectious Disease Task Force summarizes the latest information and recommendations available to frontline emergency medicine clinicians and serves as a resource to guide in the care of patients. We encourage you to read the latest COVID-19 clinician guidance for PPE, diagnosis, management, disposition, vaccines, emotional self-care and more and share with other clinical teams who may benefit from this information.