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As Coronavirus Unfolds, TeamHealth Upholds Commitment to Patients: No Balance Billing

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TeamHealth reaffirmed today its commitment against balance billing as the coronavirus crisis continues to unfold.


“Keeping with our long-standing policy against balance billing, TeamHealth will maintain that same commitment to patients as the COVID-19 crisis continues to unfold,” said TeamHealth CEO Leif Murphy. “We do not put patients in the middle of any out-of-network payment disputes and we stand behind our commitment not to balance bill when insurers arbitrarily underpay our claims. COVID-19 related cases will be no different.”


“Our clinical and administrative associates at TeamHealth have a hard-earned and long-standing reputation for outstanding results in our preparedness and our response to national crises and disasters. Our entire team is focused on consistent, on-going communications with our clinicians, providing training on appropriate notification to health authorities, coordinating with the CDC for testing, and providing patients with the highest quality medical care.”