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Clinical Integration: Baptist Memorial Hospital Union County, New Albany, MS

Case Studies


Baptist Memorial Hospital – Union County (BMH-UH) originally partnered with TeamHealth in 2008 for emergency medicine services. Looking to realize even more operational and economic efficiencies, the hospital called on TeamHealth to implement a collaborative model between the emergency medicine and hospital medicine service lines.


Under this model, emergency medicine and hospital medicine providers share joint goals and responsibilities to ensure efficient, cost-effective patient flow across the continuum of care. One ongoing goal is to assist the hospital in its vision of being the healthcare provider of choice by partnering with patients, families, and care providers to transform the delivery of healthcare. Providing public educational programs is a major key to achieving that goal and to establishing meaningful community relationships that promote overall wellness.

BMH-UC’s emergency medicine medical director (Dr. Robert Pitcock) and hospital medicine medical director (Dr.Tim Thompson) recognized a growing need to educate the community about stroke symptoms and prevention.Collaboratively they developed a stroke education seminar and presented to a group of 118 attendees of a public meeting.


In addition to improving healthcare within the community, the physician’s unified approach helped the hospital’s image. Nationwide there is a perception that health care is a fragmented system. In this community, attendees were delighted to see two physicians from different specialties presenting together on a crucial healthcare topic.Presentation attendees provided outstanding feedback to BMH-UC regarding their appreciation for the presentation. BMH-UH appreciated the department leaders’dedication to community outreach. Through the stroke education seminar, Drs. Pitcockand Thompson hoped to encourage potential stroke victims in their community to react quickly to symptoms and seek immediate treatment in order to see the best possible patient outcome.


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