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Happy National Healthcare Recruiter Recognition Day from TeamHealth!

By Andrea Peet, Senior Physician Recruiter, TeamHealth

Happy National Healthcare Recruiter Recognition Day!

As a Senior Physician Recruiter, it is an honor to work with some of the most talented healthcare recruiters here at TeamHealth. Though this is not a skill we learned in college, we are all incredibly skilled individuals that have honed and mastered our abilities over time. I personally feel like being a healthcare recruiter is a calling we all gravitated towards for a reason. We are responsible for identifying top talented healthcare professionals to provide services in the communities we serve and live in—and that’s an incredibly important calling

As I reflect on my 20 years in the recruiting profession, I recognize we have come a long way from sending a CV or resume into human resources (HR) by fax or hand delivery. Most companies these days have a separate department from HR that expands into recruiting. This group of individuals are seeking the top, qualified, compassionate talent to fill their open vacancies across multiple clinical departments. This all starts with the relationships we build with hiring leaders and the knowledge of our facilities, departments and cultures. Recruiting is about listening and being completely honest with the healthcare professional you are recruiting. It is making sure we match candidates to the right environment and under the right leaders to thrive in their careers at the right time.

“One of TeamHealth’s priorities is recruiting and retaining top clinical talent to deliver quality patient care. We’re not able to accomplish this goal without having the best-in-class recruiters on our team. Our recruiters engage with thousands of clinicians annually, and we are proud to recognize them, and all healthcare recruiters, for the work they do on this important day,” said Eric Norman, TeamHealth chief human resources officer.

My message to my fellow clinician recruiters? While we might not see all the patients of the healthcare professionals we touch each day, know your role is very valuable to the entire healthcare system, to TeamHealth and to each community you serve. We are changing lives and saving lives, one hire at a time. I encourage you to continue to hire, retain and build relationships throughout your career. We really have a rare and special opportunity to touch lives on so many different platforms.

To all healthcare recruiters, we applaud you for the extraordinary service and commitment you have made to your profession. Enjoy your special day – you deserve it! Thank you for all you do!

originally posted on June 5, 2018