Facility and Professional Coding

As the premier emergency medicine coding and billing resource nationwide, Medical Management Resources (MMR) helps both hospitals and emergency physicians control revenue loss, better manage the claims process and collect more of the money they're legitimately owed.

Managing the complex continuum from patient registration to claims submission takes a coordinated effort by those who understand the many intricacies of emergency medicine billing. In the struggle to optimize profits while maintaining regulatory compliance, you may be finding that you can no longer go it alone. Fortunately, you don't have to.

From meticulous coding of your patient records to chargemaster review, MMR's financial solutions are designed to:

  • Generate more legitimate revenue. With extensive expertise in emergency medicine coding and reimbursement, our professionals work with you to identify areas where revenue is compromised and stop further loss.
  • Reduce risks. Even if it's inadvertent, healthcare fraud can translate into hefty fines, exclusion from federal insurance programs or even imprisonment for your providers. Non-compliance is simply not worth the risk. Through our coding, compliance, auditing and consulting services, MMR helps you confirm the integrity of your coding practices and dramatically reduce your liabilities.
  • Have your coding performed accurately and on time. MMR offers convenient, cost-effective and professional facility coding services that cater exclusively to the specialty of emergency medicine.
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